In the Wheat ~ Songs in Your Presence


Soon we began to sew
tight seams of friendship
knowing that each of us
cherished the same desire:
one day—after endless naves of longing
to ascend those chapel steps
and stand clad as priests
before Your altar.


You woke us from our lethargy,
fired us with energy
and drove us beyond
every stone of recognition
to a garden of intimacy
with apples
from every tree.


You were so overwhelming
for boys
that we lost interest
in algebra and Greek
and would have fled
to darkened chapels
to dance in panting prayer
around Your altars,
like minstrels, clowns
or troubadours.


We would let ourselves fall
when in Your presence
and felt You catch us
without questioning,
like a basin welcoming water,
but we knew
the formal usage
frowned on that.

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