Butler Authors ~ featured on The Butler Pennsylvania Blog

Aaron,Chester ----- Written Works
Abraham, Abie ----- Written Works
Bellis, C.F. ----- Written Works
Booher, Thomas Clayton ----- Written Works
Cingolani, Charles ----- Written Works
Clements, James ----- Silent Heroes Among Us
Conrad, Fr. Simon O.F.M.Cap.- Brothers of the Sun: Story of the Capuchins
Daugherty, Milann Ruff ----- Written Works
Hazy, Bob ----- Written Works
Hollock, James ----- Written Works
Lundig, Phyllis ----- Written Works
Luttrell, Nicole ----- Written Works
Manners, William ----- Written Works
McClung, Robert ----- Written Works
Minner, G. R.----- Written Works
Nitsche, Pearl ----- Written Works
Parisi, Larry ----- Written Works
Perry, William J. ----- Wikipedia
Rutkoski, Thomas ----- Written Works
Randig, Linda ----- Written Work [Contact: joeswife803@gmail.com]
Stock, Margaret ----- Life in a Small Town [Contact the author]
Sawhook, Georgia ----- Written work
Shaw, Polly ----- Written work
Todd, David E.----- Butler Armco "The Mill"
Zarnick,Gene ----- Recollections
Bob Hazy Abie Abraham Charles Cingolani Chester Aaron C.F. Bellis
James Hollock William Manners Pearl Nitsche Milann R. Daugherty G.R. Minner Thomas Rutkoski

Thomas C. Booher Robert McClung William J. Perry Polly Shaw Larry D. Parisi

A Novel located in Butler
Butler Musicians

Glenn Crytzer ----- Recordings
William Purvis ----- Recordings
Marianne Cornetti ----- Recordings
Norman Saleet ----- Recordings
Bret Michaels ----- Recordings
James Pugh ----- Recordings
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