1804    Born on September 8 in Ludwigsburg.
1817    Father dies.
1818    Enters Minor Seminary in
1822    Studies Theology at University of
1823    Meets Maria Meyer [Peregrina Poems]
1824    Sudden death of younger brother.
1826    Theology Exams. In December begins 8 year duties as Vicar.
1827    Death of sister, Luise. Dissatisfaction with his calling. Illness. Leave of absence.
Stuttgart. Attempt at freelance writing.
1829    Returns to duties as Vicar.
Plattenhardt. Engagement to Luise Rau.
1832    Vicar in
Ochsenwang.  Mörike's novel Maler Nolten published.
1833    Engagement to Luise Rau cancelled.
1834 - 1843   Pastor in
Cleversulzbach. Lives with mother and sister.
Poems  First Edition
1841    Mother dies.
1843    Retirement due to ill health. Moves to
Wermutshausen with sister, Claerchen.
1844    Moves to
Schwaebisch-Hall, then Mergentheim.
Poems Second Edition
1851    Marriage to Margarethe von Speeth. Lectures German literature in Stuttgart.
1855    Birth of first daughter, Fanny.
Poems Third Edition. Mozart auf der Reise nach Prag
1857    Birth of second daughter, Marie.
1866    Retirement from teaching.
Poems Fourth Edition   Residence in Lorch.
1869    Residence in
Stuttgart, then Nuertingen. Repeated visits in Bebenhausen near Tuebingen.
1871    Back to  
Stuttgart. Marriage difficulties. Temporary separation.
1875    Dies on 4 June. Reconciliation on deathbed.

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