In the Wheat ~ Songs in Your Presence


We didn't sleep on briars
but when we wanted to
they gave us blankets instead.


When we passed them on the path
didn't the flowers sense
the intensity of our piety
and say they had found partners
in rendering You worship?


Everything spoke to us
about You
in a fresh and pristine way
and we found You
in a new and surprising guise
with each passing day
and were captivated;
but we felt
the musty clothes
they had you wear
in stories they told
were worn by You


You were not someone
we learned to imagine
from superb creations
we had read about,
like Cologne or Chartres;
and the paintings
they hadn't reached us yet;
no, we experienced You
like birds do
or the walled-in girl
of Lisieux.
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