In the Wheat ~ Songs in Your Presence


You made us proud to be ourselves
and when told to appease You
by confessing past sins
we went through lists
of things boys do
that might have displeased You
knowing all along
whatever we had done
You would brush aside
and look upon our so-called sins
as being foolish boyish pride.


We had a unique orientation
with insights You gave us
and felt that we should see to it
that You derived Your daily bread from us,
and not we, ours, from You.


I can remember thinking it just wasn't like You
to promise us things to make us be good,
so I, to defend You, once stood up and asked
if someone had made up
the idea of heaven for You.


We wanted to hear someone tell us about You
but they always talked on Your periphery,
as if to keep us from boring.

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