In the Wheat ~ Songs in Your Presence


When we were boys
You were so much closer.
We could almost touch You,
we thought.

There were days
when You were as close
as the warm gold of candles
or the shafts of grass
on the path near the lake.


One thing we knew was this:
to follow after You
we had to leave cities and change.
So one hundred and twenty boys
came from East and West
to vie with one another
to see who could serve You best.


On the way we saw Ohioan cathedrals,
silos they were, and orderly homes
on farms like churches,
and You
standing out there
in the boundless fields
of corn and wheat.


You brought us together
from the sidewalks of America
with our calloused hands and scuffed knees
but we felt forlorn and ill at ease
in jackets and ties,
where no one ever mentioned
our bicycles left behind
or our saddened dogs.
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