In the Wheat ~ Songs in your Presence


We felt the weight of Your hovering presence
pressing lightly over us like low-slung branches
that hollowed out space to curve down around us
on pillarless suspension
surrounding You, housing You, holding You in,
in ways architects had never conceived
with arches, vaults and traceries.


It wasn't a shudder that went through us,
no, a piercing of blades was the bliss we felt
when of a sudden You would come
and be standing right there beside us
like a person.


On those rare occasions
when I sat in Your presence
in silent awe and shuddered
wasn't I hearing lines of Bach Variations
which when first heard decades later
brought to vibration the elation
I had known in those young years.


Would we have
only been reminded
of what we had seen
in the fields
had our eyes
ever feasted
on a painting by Sisley?
For he could never
have taken us
out into a landscape
like You did,
to pierce us
with Your searing
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