Gesang Weylas

Du bist Orplid, mein Land!
Das ferne leuchtet;
Vom Meere dampfet dein besonnter Strand
Den Nebel, so der Goetter Wange feuchtet.

Uralte Wasser steigen
Verjuengt um deine Hueften, Kind!
Vor deiner Gottheit beugen
Sich Koenige, die deine Waerter sind.

Eduard Moerike 1832

While a student at the University of Tuebingen
Moerike and a few of his friends created for
themselves a utopia they named Orplid. It was their
fictional island where Weyla was the goddess.
Whenever their studies became too demanding or
dull they went for walks in the woods and hills
around Tuebingen and would retire in their
imagination to this island to lighten their spirits and
revel in a feeling of freedom.

Weyla's Song

Thou art Orplid, my land!
In the distance thou gleamest;
From out the sea from thy sunlit strand
Vapours rise to moisten the cheek of gods.

Primeval waters rise fresh
Round about thy hips, child!
Kings, mere servants of thine,
Bow down before thee, their God.

Translation: Charles L. Cingolani          Copyright © 2013

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